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Tarot 101: An Introduction

April 24th 6:30PM-8:30PM $25

          In this workshop, you will learn the basics of tarot and how to develop a practice with the 78 cards whose archetypal images encapsulate the spiral of evolution of the human spirit. You can think of tarot as a mirror, a tool, a gateway into the unconscious. If you've ever been curious about how to find guidance through the tarot, this is the perfect place to start.

          Alessandra Calderin is an intuitive healing facilitator, tarot practitioner, yoga teacher, writer, poet, comedienne and performer based in New York. Since founding Boneseed, she sees private clients out of her Brooklyn studio with a practice that focuses on self love, awareness, reflection and development, body positivity, the pelvic floor, energy bodies and the chakra system, sensuality and sex positivity.


Nourishing The Self

May 1st 6:30PM-8:30PM  | $25

          Join Guillerma Moreno for a hands-on practical approach to easy self-care. In this class, you will learn a 5 minute daily energizing routine that will lift your mood, expand your energy field, and help strengthen your immunity. You will also learn how to release tension with simple self-massage techniques.

          Guillerma is a NY State licensed massage therapist and Yoga instructor.


Quint-Essential Habits of Healthy Happy People

MAY 6TH 2:00PM-4:30Pm | $25

          Join Certified Health & Life Coach Stacey Brass-Russell for a fun and informative afternoon diving into what Stacey considers the 5 pillars of holistic wellbeing. In this workshop we will explore the assertion that feeling your best requires a healthy relationship between how you eat, how you sleep, how you move, how you relax, and how you connect. An imbalance in any of these essential areas of health & life can cause a total disruption to your system, showing up in the most unexpected ways! Did you know that poor sleep can make you resistant to weight loss? Or that eating while stressed can prevent digestion? Or that lack of connection in life can drain your energy?

          Expect an interactive “play-shop” that will include discussion, new information, experiential exercises and most importantly some easy actions step that you can implement right away  and put you on the road to having the habits of a healthy happy person!


What Kind of Yoga Do You Do?

May 16th 6:30PM - 8:00PM

          Like the book it’s based on, this practical inquiry is a challenging mix of asana, pranayama, texts, meditation, and chanting. Come explore the poses tradition by tradition, with lessons from masters of each and a soundtrack that encompasses the journey. For intermediate students. With experienced yoga teacher Carrie Schneider.

Start Where You are: The Four Noble Truths

Tuesday May 22 6:30PM-8:30pm $25

         In the pursuit of happiness and peace, it is essential to start where you are. The First Noble Truth proclaimed by the Buddha, rather than promising transcendent blissful states, invites us to explore our actual state of mind, including all our stress, anxiety, doubt, depression, and fear. By not running away from ourselves, by facing the challenge of living as it is, we can look deeper at the causes of our suffering and achieve greater freedom and ease.

         This meditation workshop with David Nichtern includes meditation instruction and practice, lecture and discussion. Open to all levels. Can be taken together with the “Relaxing Your Agenda” workshop for $40.


Relaxing Your Agenda

June 12th 6:30pm-8:30pm |$25

         If you find that your “project mentality” has overcome your joie de vivre this meditation workshop with David Nichtern might be a good workshop for you.

         Sometimes when we move into the “spiritual” realms of yoga and meditation, we can turn these pursuits into our next heavy-handed project for self-improvement. Is there a way to develop a sense of well-being, mindful appreciation, and disciplined awareness with a light touch and a sense of humor?


Aligning with Your Heart’s Desire

JUNE 16TH 2:00PM-4:30Pm | $25

          Join Senior Yoga Teacher & Certified Health & Life Coach Stacey Brass-Russell for a special Yoga & Transformational Coaching Workshop. Experience Asana, Pranayama and Meditation as powerful tools that help you clarify your vision for what you want, recognize and remove obstacles and uncover a path towards your next empowered action.  Expect to move, breathe, relax, brainstorm and shift your beliefs about what is possible. Please bring a journal and a pen! Open to all levels but some yoga experience is recommended.

          The workshop will begin with asana practice to open up the body and create energetic flow and then progress into relaxation, breathing and meditation as tools.  Interspersed throughout the workshop will be coaching/journaling sections where students will be writing down responses to specific transformational coaching questions as they become more connected to their breath, their truth and having their minds untangle and become more relaxed and clear.  What people will get – this is about letting oneself really connect to a vision for something they would like to bring into their life experience, recognize the obstacles of the mind that often come up and then uncover a path towards empowered action.  They will leave having had a deep and powerful experience of body/mind connection, feeling inspired, and more aligned with their heart’s desire!